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Ferry from Cebu to Bohol – The best way to reach Tagbilaran

A trip to Philippines is incomplete without a visit to the picturesque and beautiful island of Bohol. Located just 2 hours from Cebu City, this unique island is a must visit on your itinerary for Philippines. There are many things to visit and activities to be done on this island; this article will cover our journey from Cebu to Bohol. For tips to save a lot of pesos and activities to do in Bohol do read this article -  Plan your own Bohol Tour - The Island of Tarsiers and Chocolate Hills Best way to travel from Cebu to Bohol The most convenient way to reach from Cebu city to Tagbilaran is using a fast ferry boat service.  There are at least 5 companies which provide fast ferry service at almost the same price. We did both our journeys with a company called Ocean Jet. Ocean Jet had more time slots and even late evening ferries for return as compared to other services. You can refer to this link for more details into the timings and service providers. Booking your ferry from C

Plan your Philippines itinerary and flights

Planning our Philippines itinerary with so many beautiful places to go was more difficult than shortlisting that once in a life time resort for our trip to Maldives. Located some 5,500 Kms away from India with more than 7,500 islands, Philippines is definitely worth exploring for its simplicity, beautiful landscapes and amazing hospitality. Not an usual tourist destination with fellow Indians and travel agents this country should be a must go on your travel list. For Vegeterians, Vegans and Jain’s    you wont go hungry a single day with plenty of options available everywhere. Hanging Bridge in Bohol Philippines How we decided to travel to Philippines? Earlier I would check the world map and then look at flights on various websites before finalising the place to travel, but nowadays with the Google Flights Search the task has become much more easier and less tedious. (Learn more about finding best rates and dates on the Google Flight Search) I started looking more into Philippines

Where to find Vegetarian, Vegan and Jain food in Cebu, Philippines

Initial research on Google and Trip-advisor did show a few options for Indian and vegetarian restaurants in Cebu. However, most of the Vegetarian restaurants I came across in Cebu promoted mock meat which none of us like and few of them served seafood as well, so make sure you confirm the ingredients before you order in any of these restaurants. What we absolutely could not get any information was about Jain food in these restaurants from any of the forums or reveiws. We were worried for our parents as they only eat Jain food and wont compromise on that aspect! Incase we don't find any good restaurants, the only options are fruits and bread (only if eggless) with butter, cheese or veggies. To add to our worry few friends who have lived in Philippines said it will be very difficult to find vegetarian food in Philippines except a few places in Manila! Well nothing was true, not only we found some great vegetarian food options in Cebu, but also the Jain versions for us as well.  T h

Where to exchange currency for best rates in Cebu, Philippines?

There are many place you can exchange money in Cebu. We were living near Ayala mall and found this area real convenient for everything including money exchange.  Incase you are arriving at Cebu airport wont recommend exchanging currency at the Cebu Airport. The rates at Cebu airport are very poor as compared to what you will get in the city. The foreign exchange counters are located after luggage section. Just exchange some money enough to reach your hotel. A taxi ride from Airport to a hotel near Ayala mall would cost somewhere around 250-300 PHP only.  Foreign exchange in Cebu City We could figure out two options in Ayala mall, you should check the rates at both these places and see which one is offering a better rate for exchange.      First you should visit the  Core Pacific  outlet on 4th floor of Ayala Mall, it is right next to Gold Gym, then visit the exchange counter at  Rustan's  supermarket which is on the ground floor of Ayala Mall near their ba

Philippines Tourist Visa in Mumbai- 5 tips to make the process easy and cheap

A simple google search won't help you with ease for this one! The Visa process at Mumbai though simple, lack of an official website and clear information will make the process a bit tedious and confusing with all the internet research. Most of the posts you will come across for the Philippines tourist visa are not from Mumbai and will leave you wondering about the frustrating experience fellow travellers have had before.  Our experience was rather on the contrary as went with low expectations, but came out delighted with the ease the process was completed and the money we had saved by applying for the 6 visa applications on our own. The visa application centre for Philippines visa in Mumbai is located at the Consulate-General of the Republic of the Philippines, 1st Floor, Industry House, 159 Churchgate Reclamation Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400020.   The office is easy to locate and the google map link to the Consulate is accurate. You can reach them on 022-2202479